The Austrian Ambassador Welcomes Luxembourg Men’s and Women’s National Lacrosse Teams

The Austrian ambassador to Luxembourg, Gregor Schusterschitz, and his wife Mara Schusterschitz, welcomed the Luxembourg National Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse teams – Blacksmiths Luxembourg and Black Lynx Luxembourg – at their residence in Luxembourg City last night where they hosted a beautiful Fundraising Gala for the teams.

“We were honored to host the Luxembourg Lacrosse Teams in our home to celebrate the men’s participation in the World Cup. It is impressive how in a short period of time the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club built up a highly professional Club that grows by the week. We wish the team all the best in Israel,” remarked Gregor.

The night was full of stories as the athletes shared with guests their individual journeys with lacrosse. Gregor shared the story of how he and his son stumbled upon the sport after his son came to try outs and haven’t looked back since.

Speaking to the athletes, it was clear to see that the sport had fostered an almost family-like atmosphere.

Although we are relatively new to the scene, we have been able to quickly develop a very unique and strong team spirit which makes coming to practice extremely fun,” said Lea Rosner, a member of the women’s Black Lynx Luxembourg team.

The start of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club has been quite recent. It began in late 2016, when nine founding members decided to create the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club a.s.b.l.  Since then, the club has experienced a massive development with more than 35 active members and was accepted to the Federation of International Lacrosse as of July 2017.

Going to the World Cup

The men’s team will be going to Israel for the Men’s Lacrosse World Championship, also known as the Lacrosse World Cup, to join 48 countries from six continents in competing for the global lacrosse title this July. It is organized by the Federation of International Lacrosse and occurs every four years.

“Sending a men’s team to the World Cup is a huge achievement by all players, coaches, and support staff – this group built and continues to build the foundations on which we look to establish top ten European men’s and women’s teams,” remarked Henning Schmidt a member of the men’s team who also regularly heads practice for both groups.


During last night’s event Pit Bingen, co-founder of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club, unveiled the team’s new uniforms in preparation for the competition in Israel. The new team jerseys feature the club’s logo and Luxembourg’s iconic red lion, and the countries light blue, white, and red colors. The team is now fully equipped with matching helmets and gloves, along with a large red sports bag decorated with the team’s logo.

“I’m really excited about the gear! We’ve had access to some drafts and part of the equipment but now that we have seen it all “in the flesh” it is even better than we expected. Can’t wait to represent Luxembourg and rock the gear at the worlds,” said Hugo Coelho.

Outlook for the future

However, it was also clear that Israel is not the end for the two teams.

“Once back, we will set our sights on the women’s team preparing for the European Championship in 2019 and to our club side competing in the Belgian Lacrosse League from September onwards.”


Christina Strauven, captain of Black Lynx Luxembourg remarked on the interest the women’s sport has been receiving,

“We have been spreading the word about the women’s team on social media and recently it seems that each week I get a message from a new girl asking me if she can come practice with us – the answer is always yes! All levels are welcome – whether you are new to the sport or an experienced player, we encourage you to join us for practice!”


You can find both teams practicing on Mondays and Thursdays at Weimerskirch and on Fridays at Stade Boy Konen in Cessange, from 7:30 – 9pm (19h30 – 21h). This fall, representatives of the Federation of International Lacrosse plan on visiting Luxembourg and will host several development camps with professional coaches coming from the US.


“Yesterday’s fundraiser was testimony to the hard work and genuine commitment of everyone. A very very big thank you to H.E. Gregor and Mara Schusterschitz for hosting us. We also thank all the donors for their help in taking our team to the World Cup.”

Get to know your teams!

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written by, Milena Czaczkowska (Black Lynx) and Soren Salvatore (Blacksmiths)