Luxembourg Lacrosse playing in Belgian League

Outlook to the Belgian Lacrosse League 2018/2019 season, sponsoring announcement, and open events (COSL Spillfest, Nuit des Sports)

The Luxembourg Lacrosse Club (LLC) with its men team “Blacksmiths” and women team “Black Lynx”, will play in the Belgian Lacrosse league in the upcoming season ( The Blacksmiths will compete against 4 other teams: Machelen, Rhinos (Bonheiden), Namur, Oupeye. The Black Lynx will play together with the team from Namur/Oupeye (League details still outstanding).

Both team are happy to announce that they will be sponsored by the Irish Pub “Black Stuff” and the real estate agency “Sapia” for their upcoming season.

As next events, the LLC will participate at this year’s COSL Spillfest on 10th May in Kockelscheuer, and Nuit des Sports on 2nd June in Schuttrange (“Schëtter Jugendhaus”). Children, Teenagers, and Young adults can come and try out our sport at these public events.

Short update on the Lacrosse National team: The Luxembourg team has the honour of playing the opening game of the Lacrosse World Championship in Israel on 11th July at 19h30 local time. If possible, a public viewing will be organised at the Black Stuff and streaming online.