Changes to the coaching staff of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Men’s National team

Luxembourg Lacrosse have made changes to their senior men’s field Lacrosse team. Following a very competitive interview process with significant interest from European and North American applicants, the new Head Coach will be Bruce Casagrande from Amitville (NY) in the USA.

General Manager Henning Schmidt issued the following statement:
‘Coaches Scott, Pollock and Barber took a chance with our young team and lead us to and through an incredible and incredibly tough World Championships in Israel. That achievement is remains and will remain undeniable. Their input and commitment have boosted our young sport beyond expectations. It is deeply regrettable that we now have had to make some hard choices.’

Luxembourg Lacrosse concluded that the team now needed to work more often with more local coaches – sadly that was impossible with our current coaches. Therefore, as of 5 December, Luxembourg Lacrosse decided to appoint Coach Casagrande. He will have the availability to be here in Luxembourg more, work with players and fellow coaches for longer period. This will allow the team to make the next steps and we are excited to begin preparations for the next tournament.