Luxembourg Lacrosse – BeActive, Club Camp, Weekly Youth Practices and First Home Game Day of the Season (13/10/2019)

With the season’s beginning showing some promise and many opportunities to improve, Luxembourg Lacrosse now looking to the next weeks’ program with high hopes.

Club Camp & BeActive

For their preparation camp on 28-29th September in Weimerskirch, the Blacksmiths men’s team have recruited two British coaches with specific qualifications for team offense, speed/agility and mental preparedness to help the team perform better. Coaches Hatton and Rose come from prestigious backgrounds in Lacrosse, Rugby and weightlifting. Local coach Henning Schmidt commented: ‘We had plans in place to learn some more about how to play better more often and this is a big part of our preparation.’

Both club teams, Blacksmiths (Men) and Black Lynx (Women), also took part in the BeActive night on 28th September, showcasing the game to a wider audience over the day at the field in Cessange. For Schmidt, serving as Development Officer and men’s coach, and Martina McPherson, the  women’s team coach, this is a big opportunity: ‘Showing the fastest game on two feet to a large audience is great. We always look for new players and this time we hope to find extra players for our U18 practices on Friday nights.’  Although the weather was less than ideal, Luxembourg Lacrosse considers their second participation at BeActive a success.

Weekly Youth Practices

Following an uptick in interest for junior Lacrosse, the Blacksmiths installed a dedicated juniors’ practice for all players under 18, boys and girls, on Fridays at Terrains de Sports Boy Kohnen in Cessange. The Esch based school Lycée Guillaume Kroll had already competed and succeeded in a tournament in Belgium earlier in 2019, sparking the plan to offer youth Lacrosse in the Grand Duchy’s capital. ‘All kids under 18 can join the practices, where we will share some fun, intense practices for all boys and girls looking to join’. Parents and players alike can contact coach Schmidt via email at .

A special beginners practice for players of all ages and skill levels will also be organize at on Friday 18th October 19h30, at the same location.

First Home Game Day of the Season (13/10/2019)

The Blacksmiths will play their first home game of this season against rivals from Namur, the Knights, at 14h30 on Sunday 13th October on the rugby pitch of “Terrains de Sport Boy Kohnen”. After last season’s losses against the Knights with 5:9, 5:15, and 1:20, the Blacksmiths hope to revert this trend with new recruits in defense Andrew Robillard and Cory Forbes, and a well-prepared team. We invite everyone that wants to discover Lacrosse to come and support us and enjoy a great game. The team will play in their brand-new jerseys, sponsored by The Black Stuff pub and real estate company SAPIA.

Link to Facebook event:

Release of new jerseys of the Luxembourg Blacksmiths


After one year of playing in the second Belgian Lacrosse league, the mens’ team of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club, the “Blacksmiths” unveil their new team jerseys. The sponsors are “The Black Stuff Irish Pub” and the real estate agency Sapia. The jerseys have been designed by our player Jeff Schaul. We also like to thank our photographer Maya Roginska for the great pictures (Instagram: jamajkalu).


Nach einem Jahr Spielbetrieb in der zweiten belgischen Lacrosse-Liga, stellt die Herrenmannschaft des Luxemburger Lacrosse-Clubs, “Blacksmiths”, ihre neue Spieluniform vor. Gesponsert wird die Mannschaft vom “The Black Stuff Irish Pub” und der Immobilienagentur “Sapia”. Entworfen wurden die Trikots von unserem Mitspieler Jeff Schaul. Wir bedanken uns außerdem bei der Photographin Maya Roginska für die tollen Fotos (Instagram: jamajkalu).


Après une première année de participation dans la deuxième ligue de Lacrosse belge, l’équipe hommes du “Luxembourg Lacrosse Club”, les “Blacksmiths”, dévoile son nouvelle uniforme de jeux. Nos sponsors sont le “Black Stuff Irish Pub” et l’agence immobilière “Sapia”. Le design des trikots a été conçu par notre joueur Jeff Schaul. Nous remercions également la photographe Maya Roginska (Instagram: jamajkalu).

Men’s Lacrosse EC2020 Registration – Team Luxembourg

Play Lax for Luxembourg!

Luxembourg Lacrosse is looking for eligible players to compete with their team at the European Championships in Wroclaw, Poland in 2020. This will be the second tournament of the team overall, having recently participated at the 2018 World Championship in Netanya where the team played in the opening game.
Players of all experience levels are welcome to join the team in their 15 months preparation cycle for the tournament.

Eligibility requirements include a Luxembourgish passport, with some exceptions available – this can be clarified shortly after registration.

The head coach is Mr. Bruce Casagrande (Wooster, NYIT, Denver, Stony Brook, Vermont), supported by several Europe based assistant coaches (Maiah Barlett, SC 1880 Frankfurt; T. Hatton, London Raptors, R. Ingham Clark, Stowe/Camden Capybaras London).

The core objective of the team is to maximize individual and collective improvement. Inexperienced players are, however, very much welcome and 100% encouraged to join.

Experienced players, especially those not resident to Luxembourg, will have the opportunity to help younger or newer players to progress. Non-resident players will be supported when visiting where possible, e.g. by means of finding accommodation with team mates during stays in Luxembourg.

Every player’s commitment will include:
– attending camps and preparation games in Luxembourg and possibly wider Europe,
– making own contributions to the team, which will include financial contributions,
– carrying out own preparation diligently and meeting fitness requirements (tailored to individual level of capability)

All requirements will accommodate personal constraints, e.g. exams, work limitations, etc. as much as possible.

The team will prepare and compete with medical support, positional coaches and strength/conditioning coaching.

Please contact General Manager Henning Schmidt via email at with reference “EC20 player interest your name’ to receive more detailed information to express your interest to take part.

Changes to the coaching staff of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Men’s National team

Luxembourg Lacrosse have made changes to their senior men’s field Lacrosse team. Following a very competitive interview process with significant interest from European and North American applicants, the new Head Coach will be Bruce Casagrande from Amitville (NY) in the USA.

General Manager Henning Schmidt issued the following statement:
‘Coaches Scott, Pollock and Barber took a chance with our young team and lead us to and through an incredible and incredibly tough World Championships in Israel. That achievement is remains and will remain undeniable. Their input and commitment have boosted our young sport beyond expectations. It is deeply regrettable that we now have had to make some hard choices.’

Luxembourg Lacrosse concluded that the team now needed to work more often with more local coaches – sadly that was impossible with our current coaches. Therefore, as of 5 December, Luxembourg Lacrosse decided to appoint Coach Casagrande. He will have the availability to be here in Luxembourg more, work with players and fellow coaches for longer period. This will allow the team to make the next steps and we are excited to begin preparations for the next tournament.

Blacksmiths fall short to Knights – offensive drought loses the game

The Luxembourg Blacksmiths faced local rivals Namur Knights on Sunday, 7 October at their homeground in Weimerskirch. Their first ever home game started in Style with 18 players suiting up for Luxembourg’s sole men’s Lacrosse team, with goalie Patrick Audrimont set to play the whole game in its debut. Midfielder C. Schusterschitz (#20) transferred to attack, to enable #9 P. Barbier helping out with defense duties before delivering some good offensive output later in the game.
Namur’s #10 R. Bouchat began the scoring early, shortly followed by an equalizer of Cole Ritts, who had played on defense in the World Cup but now seems to have found a home in the offensive end. Luxembourg would continue to equalize another two times for a 2-2 quarter time score and 3-3 at 25 minutes. Namur and Luxembourg would then remain scoreless for another ten minutes, at which point Namur took a time out and began an unanswered five goal scoring run, initiated by R. Bouchat’s third goal. As with the match against Opueye Foxes, inexperience and nerves cost a hard battling team dearly – offensive nerves and lacking defensive adjustment, especially when tackling the strongest offensive player of Namur from using size and speed from midfield, especially in the form #10 R. Bouchat, meant that the Knights gained an unassailable lead by at 70 minutes of game time. The following comeback with two spirited goals by Hugo Coelho allowed the Blacksmiths to lower the margin to a final score of 5-9.
While not available for the game, coach Henning Schmidt offered some insights after the game: ‘Second game, first season – we thought we had more to give in attack and made some adjustments but underestimated individual strength of the Knights. We still struggle defensively but made some good strides, lending more help to each other as a unit, but not quite enough to stop strong individual efforts. Offensively we produced but need to find more and better opportunities to score.’  The team is not dismayed – the real successes lie elsewhere, according to federation president Pit Bingen ‘We have managed to play two games using only local players. Not having all of the players from the World Cup in Israel here hurts us but it’s testimony to the club’s work that the club fielded two strong teams.’ Coach Schmidt supported the statement: ‘Having new players compete frequently is the biggest success. The wins will come, now that we have players at practice and at games consistently.’ He had one last addition for this report ‘I would like to point that our team has now two father/son combinations in its active roster. #20 Clemens Schusterschitz plays with his father #23 Gregor Schusterschitz and defensive captain #4 Greg Ritts plays alongside his two sons #99 Grayson Ritts and #33 Cole Ritts. This is a very special for us, having that sort of commitment to the club and the sport.’

Now trailing in the league table at 0-2, the Blacksmiths face the Machelen Minotaurs away on Saturday, 13 October, the next game away before the biggest local event this fall, the FIL training camp from 19-21 October at the Terrain des Sports in Cessange. The Minotaurs beat the Opueye Foxes in their last game. Coach Schmidt commented on this away game: ‘As before – we are here to stay. There is nothing we cannot overcome, if maybe not immediately but near certainly eventually. We will continue to work hard and play hard and look forward to the next opportunity to compete. It’s been a blast so far and we look forward to more games and of course also our FIL camp on 19-21 October.’

All details will be published on The team offers three practices a week and players of all levels and experience, especially beginners, are always welcome to join the team

The Austrian Ambassador Welcomes Luxembourg Men’s and Women’s National Lacrosse Teams

The Austrian ambassador to Luxembourg, Gregor Schusterschitz, and his wife Mara Schusterschitz, welcomed the Luxembourg National Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse teams – Blacksmiths Luxembourg and Black Lynx Luxembourg – at their residence in Luxembourg City last night where they hosted a beautiful Fundraising Gala for the teams.

“We were honored to host the Luxembourg Lacrosse Teams in our home to celebrate the men’s participation in the World Cup. It is impressive how in a short period of time the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club built up a highly professional Club that grows by the week. We wish the team all the best in Israel,” remarked Gregor.

The night was full of stories as the athletes shared with guests their individual journeys with lacrosse. Gregor shared the story of how he and his son stumbled upon the sport after his son came to try outs and haven’t looked back since.

Speaking to the athletes, it was clear to see that the sport had fostered an almost family-like atmosphere.

Although we are relatively new to the scene, we have been able to quickly develop a very unique and strong team spirit which makes coming to practice extremely fun,” said Lea Rosner, a member of the women’s Black Lynx Luxembourg team.

The start of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club has been quite recent. It began in late 2016, when nine founding members decided to create the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club a.s.b.l.  Since then, the club has experienced a massive development with more than 35 active members and was accepted to the Federation of International Lacrosse as of July 2017.

Going to the World Cup

The men’s team will be going to Israel for the Men’s Lacrosse World Championship, also known as the Lacrosse World Cup, to join 48 countries from six continents in competing for the global lacrosse title this July. It is organized by the Federation of International Lacrosse and occurs every four years.

“Sending a men’s team to the World Cup is a huge achievement by all players, coaches, and support staff – this group built and continues to build the foundations on which we look to establish top ten European men’s and women’s teams,” remarked Henning Schmidt a member of the men’s team who also regularly heads practice for both groups.


During last night’s event Pit Bingen, co-founder of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Club, unveiled the team’s new uniforms in preparation for the competition in Israel. The new team jerseys feature the club’s logo and Luxembourg’s iconic red lion, and the countries light blue, white, and red colors. The team is now fully equipped with matching helmets and gloves, along with a large red sports bag decorated with the team’s logo.

“I’m really excited about the gear! We’ve had access to some drafts and part of the equipment but now that we have seen it all “in the flesh” it is even better than we expected. Can’t wait to represent Luxembourg and rock the gear at the worlds,” said Hugo Coelho.

Outlook for the future

However, it was also clear that Israel is not the end for the two teams.

“Once back, we will set our sights on the women’s team preparing for the European Championship in 2019 and to our club side competing in the Belgian Lacrosse League from September onwards.”


Christina Strauven, captain of Black Lynx Luxembourg remarked on the interest the women’s sport has been receiving,

“We have been spreading the word about the women’s team on social media and recently it seems that each week I get a message from a new girl asking me if she can come practice with us – the answer is always yes! All levels are welcome – whether you are new to the sport or an experienced player, we encourage you to join us for practice!”


You can find both teams practicing on Mondays and Thursdays at Weimerskirch and on Fridays at Stade Boy Konen in Cessange, from 7:30 – 9pm (19h30 – 21h). This fall, representatives of the Federation of International Lacrosse plan on visiting Luxembourg and will host several development camps with professional coaches coming from the US.


“Yesterday’s fundraiser was testimony to the hard work and genuine commitment of everyone. A very very big thank you to H.E. Gregor and Mara Schusterschitz for hosting us. We also thank all the donors for their help in taking our team to the World Cup.”

Get to know your teams!

We invite all readers to please follow our teams on their journey to the World Cup on Facebook (, Instagram (@luxembourglacrosse and @BlackLynxLacrosse) or Twitter (@LaxLuxembourg). For anyone who would like to play a new sport, meet some great people, get in good shape whilst playing a fast and furious game – we welcome all beginners and experienced players to join us for our practices. For details, please contact us at

written by, Milena Czaczkowska (Black Lynx) and Soren Salvatore (Blacksmiths)

Luxembourg Lacrosse playing in Belgian League

Outlook to the Belgian Lacrosse League 2018/2019 season, sponsoring announcement, and open events (COSL Spillfest, Nuit des Sports)

The Luxembourg Lacrosse Club (LLC) with its men team “Blacksmiths” and women team “Black Lynx”, will play in the Belgian Lacrosse league in the upcoming season ( The Blacksmiths will compete against 4 other teams: Machelen, Rhinos (Bonheiden), Namur, Oupeye. The Black Lynx will play together with the team from Namur/Oupeye (League details still outstanding).

Both team are happy to announce that they will be sponsored by the Irish Pub “Black Stuff” and the real estate agency “Sapia” for their upcoming season.

As next events, the LLC will participate at this year’s COSL Spillfest on 10th May in Kockelscheuer, and Nuit des Sports on 2nd June in Schuttrange (“Schëtter Jugendhaus”). Children, Teenagers, and Young adults can come and try out our sport at these public events.

Short update on the Lacrosse National team: The Luxembourg team has the honour of playing the opening game of the Lacrosse World Championship in Israel on 11th July at 19h30 local time. If possible, a public viewing will be organised at the Black Stuff and streaming online.


Luxembourg Lacrosse Men’s National Team roster released

Luxembourg Lacrosse Men’s National Team roster released

Luxembourg Lacrosse is delighted to confirm its roster and coaching staff participating in its first ever Federation of International Lacrosse tournament, the Men’s Lacrosse World Championships scheduled to take place in Netanya, Israel from the 12th to 21st July 2018. The team will compete against forty-seven other national lacrosse teams consisting of newly established national lacrosse programs, such as Bulgaria and Chile, as well as more established countries. The team’s preparation is in full swing, with the first training camp occurring last November.

Roster (Updated: 8th March 2018)

The 20-player roster representing Luxembourg is composed of Christoph Snaga, Coleman Ritts, Gregory Ritts, Henning Schmidt, Hugo Coelho, Jacky Liu, Jeff Schaul, Kim Giovagnioli, Linus Fohr, Max Rubin, Michel Kreins, Nick Smith, Nick Beattie, Patrick Barbier, Pit Bingen, Reiland Domingue, Richie Jegen, Soren Salvatore, Sylvain Darroman, and Yves Audrimont. The players will be supported by an international coaching and support staff:

  • Head coach Khristopher Scott (Canada)
  • Offense coach Andrew Barber (Canada)
  • Defense coach Drew Pollock (Canada)
  • Assistant coach Rob Ingham Clark (UK)
  • Sports therapist Samantha Wisbey (UK)

While the roster is set, interested players holding a Luxembourg passport remain encouraged to join the team immediately, independent of recent experience. Any and all players can email  for more details. Holding a current Luxembourgish passport by 1 June 2018 is mandatory.


The team is currently financed entirely by players contributions. With respect to fundraising, a collaboration agreement with a large public agency will be signed in the coming days to co-finance some equipment. We also thank the Banque Internationale a Luxembourg for a contribution and the organizers from the Luxembourg marathon for providing the team with a fund-raising opportunity at its next event. The team is still currently looking for sponsors an interested companies or individuals should contact us at

Luxembourg the newest member to compete in the world of Lacrosse

Henning Schmidt, General Manager of the Luxembourg National Lacrosse Team: “This is a very special time for our sport and our players, as they will achieve a lot of ‘firsts’ during their time in Israel. The results are nowhere near as important as the structure we now create for future teams competing in international men’s and women’s tournaments. We are presently finalizing talks with our women’s head coach and will begin a campaign for a women’s Lacrosse team to compete in the 2019 European Championship. The organization and structure created by this men’s team is the blue print for all future teams. The guys know this and work hard to make this the best team it can be.  We are the smallest European country competing at the World Championship and we look to represent our local players and clubs.”

Khristopher Scott, head coach of the men’s national team: “The coaching staff and myself realize that this year’s tournament is a once in a lifetime experience for many players and nations. As the inaugural coaches of Luxembourg, we are deeply honoured to be able to represent Luxembourg and help lead a group of men that are excited and doing everything they can to get prepared. The World Championships and Lacrosse in general, represent a special community. For Luxembourg to be part of that ever-growing community is special and I can safely say that this experience is something none of us will ever forget.”

Pit Bingen, President of the Luxembourg Lacrosse Federation: “The expectation (for the World Championships) from the Luxembourg Lacrosse federation is that we prepare our players the best possible way and surround them with professional coaching and support staff. The players should most of all come back safely and enjoy this incredible event in Israel. The main challenge is to create a team culture and competitive mindset in such short time, with players that have just started to learn and love this sport.”


For the next 12 months, Luxembourg Lacrosse has planned events for the national team, the club teams, and for new players and the general public that wants to discover lacrosse. In mid-May, the entire coaching staff will arrive in Luxembourg to prepare the national team.  After the World Championships, a refereeing camp is planned to develop this crucial and lacking competence locally.

In autumn, the representatives of the Federation of International Lacrosse plan on visiting Luxembourg and host a development camp with professional coaches coming from the US. This event will be open to the general public.

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We invite all readers to please follow our team on its journey to the World Cup on Facebook (, Instagram (@luxembourglacrosse), or Twitter (@LaxLuxembourg). For anyone who would like to play a new sport, get in good shape whilst playing a fast and furious game – we welcome all beginners and experienced players to join us for our practices on Fridays from 19h30 onwards. Please contact us on  details.


Pit Bingen, President Luxembourg Lacrosse, , +352 621 558 531

Photo: Coaches, management and players of Luxembourg Lacrosse meeting at the LaxCon conference in Baltimore (USA) in January 2018. From left to right: Pit Bingen, Drew Pollock, Andrew Barber, Nancy Reiland, Reiland Domingue, and Henning Schmidt.

The Luxembourg Lacrosse Federation and National Team unveil their new logo

The Luxembourg Lacrosse Federation unveiled its new logo showing a roaring red lion inside a Lacrosse-Stick like shape in the colours of the Luxembourg national flag. This logo will be used by the men’s national team when participating at the Lacrosse World Championship in Israel in July 2018, as well as by the national Lacrosse federation and the women’s national team in the future.

The Luxembourg women Lacrosse team “Black Lynx” unveils its logo


The Luxembourg women Lacrosse team “Black Lynx” unveils its logo

The Luxembourg Lacrosse Club (LLC) was created a year ago with the goal of establishing Lacrosse in Luxembourg. Although the club was created by nine men, it was the club’s ambition from the start of quickly establishing female and youth teams, and to build an inclusive and sustainable Lacrosse community.

The club was very excited when in summer 2017, six of its female members decided to take matters in their own hands and create the first Luxembourg Women Lacrosse team, called “Black Lynx”.

The lynx is a fearless, strong and fast animal, representing the team spirit we want to build. The Luxembourg translation of lynx is also “Luchs” which phonetically is identical to Lux(embourg). Finally, the “Black” reminds that men and women teams form one club and one Lacrosse community together.

The LLC is now proud to unveil the “Black Lynx” official logo. It is using the same typography and colours as the men (“Blacksmiths”), but also represents the unique value by which our women want to represent Luxembourg Lacrosse in the future.

The first games of the Black Lynx still lie ahead and the LLC is inviting any men or women interested in discovering this new sport in Luxembourg by joining one of our three weekly training sessions.


Die Luxemburger Damen Lacrosse Mannschaft “Black Lynx” veröffentlicht ihr offizielles Logo

Der „Luxembourg Lacrosse Club“ wurde vor einem Jahr mit dem Ziel gegründet den Lacrosse Sport in Luxembourg zu verbreiten. Obwohl der Verein von neun Männern gegründet wurde, war das Ziel von Anfang an auch eine Damenmannschaft und Jugendmannschaft zu entwickeln und somit eine inklusive und nachhaltige Lacrosse Gemeinschaft aufzubauen.

Der Lacrosse Verein freute sich sehr als im Sommer 2017 sechs weibliche Mitglieder die Sache in die eigene Hand nahmen und die erste Lacrosse Frauenmannschaft in Luxemburggründeten und sich „Black Lynx“ nannten.

Das Tier „Lynx“ heißt auf Deutsch Luchs. Der Luchs ist ein unerschrockenes, starkes und schnelles Tier – genau der „Spirit“ mit dem die Frauenmannschaft ihr Team aufbauen möchte. Zusätzlich klingt Luchs (im Luxemburgischen sowie Deutschen) so wie Lux(embourg) – Perfekt für das Luxemburgische Frauenteam! „Black“ soll die Kameradschaft mit den Lacrosse Männern zeigen – die „Blacksmith“ und „Black Lynx“ – zusammen sind wir ein Verein!

Der Luxemburgische Lacrosse Verein ist nun sehr stolz das offizielle Logo der „Black Lynx“ – Frauen vorzustellen. Das Logo wurde mit derselben Typographie und Farben der Männer kreiert aber möchte gleichzeitig auch den einzigartigen Wert der Frauenmannschaft Luxemburgs präsentieren, den das Team zukünftig zeigen wird.

Die ersten Spiele der Luxemburger Lacrosse Frauen liegen noch vor uns und wir laden alle interessierten Frauen und Männer herzlich ein zu einer unserer drei Trainingseinheiten (Montag, Donnerstag, Freitag) zu kommen und den Lacrosse Sport einmal auszuprobieren. Wir freuen uns auf euch!