Interested in trying lacrosse? Come out for a practice!

1.   Training times & Teamstuff

Current training times (04.2018 – 06.2018):

Monday 19:30-21:15 Stade Michel Wagener (Weimerskirh), shared with Hurling/Camogie

Thursday 19:30-21:15 Stade Michel Wagener (Weimerskirch), shared with Gaelic Football

Friday 19:30-21:15 in Stade Boy Kohnen (Cessange)

Optional: Saturday 15:00-17:00 Stade Michel Wagener (Weimerskirch), depending on field use by other clubs

Optional: Sunday 16:00-18:00 Stade Michel Wagener (Weimerskirch), depending on field use by other clubs


Cessange: Stade Boy Kohnen, 3, rue des Sports; 2548 Luxembourg

Weimerskirch: Stade Michel Wagner, 1, rue St. Vith L-2673 Luxembourg

INS: Institut National des Sports, 66 Rue de Treves, 2630 Luxembourg

Team attendance:

Use of the app “Teamstuff” is mandatory.

Registration for Teamstuff can be done at

Team communication:

Team communication is organised through WhatsApp. An open invitation link is Alternatively, players can be added through any member of the committee (e.g. Pit +352 621 558 531).

2.   Membership fees & Medico

After 3-4 training, membership is mandatory for insurance reasons.

Annual membership of 80€/year or monthly membership of 15€ per month, is to be paid to

IBAN : LU51 0025 7101 5160 8400

Membership fees are set annually at the Club’s AGM.

The membership form (see below: 1_Membership_Form_2018) needs to be returned signed and scanned.

After 6 trainings, club material will be provided against a deposit.

Players who don’t have a medical certificate, will not be participating in contact drills or games. (A transition period during 2018 will be granted.)

3.   Club Material

Deposit for club material is 100€ for helmets or sticks, and 200€ for full sets.

Deposits need to be paid onto the club account (IBAN : LU51 0025 7101 5160 8400).

The material borrowing form (see below: 2_Material_Form_2018) needs to be signed and kept in the club folder.

Members can obtain club equipment 3 months free of charge.

4.   Insurance

The Luxembourg Lacrosse Clubs asbl has insurance cover at Lalux for club related accidents during practises, games, and social events. After an accident, a member of the club committee will declare the accident to our insurance agents.

5.   Team & leagues

The LLC has two official club teams, the men team “Blacksmiths” and the women team “Black Lynx”. Additionally, national teams are drafted from eligible players for international competitions.

For the 2018/2019 season, the LLC has decided to participate in the Belgian league with its men team, whereas the women will join the joint team of Namur/Liège.

6.   Website & Social Media


Official press releases are published on our website

Social media

7.   Committee, Team Officers, and Responsibilities

Official committee for period 06/2017 – 05/2019

  • President: Pit Bingen
  • Vice-President: Scharel Kirchen
  • Treasurer: Morten Grotvedt
  • Secretary: Jérôme Bourot
  • Development Officer: Henning Schmidt

Other officers:

  • Social officer: Yves Audrimont
  • Women team officer: Christina Strauven
  • Media officers: Lara Eidam, Patrick Audrimont, Nadine Rocco
  • National team finance officer: Linus Föhr
  • National team gear officer: Patrick Barbier
  • Fields officer: Christoph Snaga