Interested in trying lacrosse? Come out for a practice!


Current training times

Monday, 19:30 – 21:15

Stade Michel Wagner
1, rue St. Vith
L-2673 Luxembourg

Thursday, 19:30 – 21:15

Stade Michel Wagner
1, rue St. Vith
L-2673 Luxembourg

Friday, 19:30 – 21:15

Stade Boy Kohnen,
3, rue des Sports
L-2548 Luxembourg

Team communication

Teamstuff is required for confirming attendance at practice. Registration, therefore, can be done here.

Further team communication is organised through Email (with the email indicated in Teamstuff) and WhatsApp. Please ask us to be added to the relevant WhatsApp chats.


Registration to women’s team at Teamstuff enables to see and attend women’s game days.


Registration to men’s team at Teamstuff enables to see and attend men’s game days.

Club Material

You do not have gear? We do!

The best, you can borrow it from us. For free! Just print and fill the Club Material Form, done.


Membership fees are set annually at the Club’s AGM. Currently the annual membership of 100€/year or 50€/year for students/youth/non-residents covers the membership of the period September to August.

After 3-4 training days, membership is required due to insurance requirements. Therefore, fill the Membership Form and send it to

INS Medico

Medical exam can be done at one of the INS Medico centres. Inform them that you are doing the test for the “Luxembourg Lacrosse Federation”, member of the “Luxembourg Field Sports Federation”.

If you already have a valid certificate from another sport, please write an email to with your name and date of birth, and write you wish to join the “Luxembourg Lacrosse Federation”. We will be informed of the status of your certificate in case it’s still valid.


The Luxembourg Lacrosse Clubs asbl has insurance cover at Lalux for club related accidents during practises, games, and social events.

Before the first practice, even for trial, an insurance waiver needs to be signed.

Insurance claims: For accidents happening at club practices, games or events, please fill out and sign the following insurance claim, and send it to


Players who want to participate in league games need to register at LeagueMaster. Team name is “Luxembourg Lacrosse” and the respective team (Blacksmiths for men, Foxzones for Women).

Register at least one week before your first game. Payment is expected at the latest on the game of the first game.

League fees are nominal and need to be paid independent of the number of games played. The League fee for 2018/2019 is 35€. The participation to at least one game makes a payment mandatory, not the registration to LeagueMaster itself.