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Lacrosse equipment for Lycée Robert Schuman (LRSL) to start interschool league

Luxembourg Lacrosse continues to invest in its youth and regional development with the help of grants provided by World Lacrosse and the Luxembourg ministry of sports.

The first youth Lacrosse programme “Lacrosse Academy” (, which takes place on Thursday evenings at Lycée Guillaume Kroll (LGK) in Esch, was launched in October. This follows an intense collaboration between LGK and Luxembourg Lacrosse over the past two years.

Luxembourg Lacrosse is now focusing on developing the local competition to foster grassroots development and provided LRSL with 21 complete Lacrosse kits (sticks, helmets, gloves, arm guards and Lacrosse balls). This support was made possible thanks to generous grants provided by World Lacrosse and the Luxembourg ministry of sports. Luxembourg Lacrosse plans equip two additional schools with such equipment loans, and thereby create the core for an inter-school competition in 2021. Interested schools should email . For selected schools, Luxembourg Lacrosse can also organise World Lacrosse-approved coaching qualifications for the sports teachers, organise youth practices for after-school activities and allow youth players to easily transition to club Lacrosse or even the National Team.

Luxembourg Lacrosse also provided Saarbrücken Lacrosse with Sticks on Loan, in order to help them develop Club Lacrosse as a second pillar next to the university programme.

The development activities of the Lacrosse federation in Luxembourg and the greater region aim to create more opportunities to compete at local level. All planned activities remain subject to Covid-19 related rules & restriction.

Handing over Lacrosse equipment to the sports teacher at Lycée Robert Schuman, who are excited to get started with showcasing Lacrosse in their school (contact LRSL: Tom Courtehoute)